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The Oland Brewery makes up a large part of the local economy. We employ, including sales, marketing, and other functions, about 200 people in Nova Scotia, most of whom are in Halifax. We pay approximately 13 million dollars a year in wages. We purchase about 32 million dollars in goods and services every year. This ranges from water and power to packaging material and transportation costs. Our sales at the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation total more than 225 million dollars. We also contribute 140 million dollars through municipal, provincial, and federal taxes and mark-ups.


The Oland Brewery and Labatt Breweries of Canada believe strongly in giving back to the community. Whether it is a team in a local hockey or soccer league, or major international event, we are proud partners with people in our community. Among those partners are The Ward 5 Community Centre, The Halifax Regional Municipality Christmas Tree Lighting, The Halifax Regional Police, Special Olympics of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Military, The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, and many more.

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